Construction Ready Program

Introducing our innovative program, meticulously crafted in collaboration with industry experts to cater to the aspirations of youth keen on exploring opportunities within the construction and trades industry. Comprising three distinct micro credentials, graduates emerge with a Construction Ready Recognition of Achievement, positioning them for success in entry-level roles where demand is high and earning potential is promising. Equipped with all requisite safety certifications, students are primed to embark on a fulfilling career journey.

Program Overview:
Developed with a keen understanding of industry needs, our program offers a comprehensive curriculum spanning six weeks, totaling 180 hours of intensive training. Through a blend of theoretical instruction and hands-on experience, students acquire the foundational skills necessary to thrive in the dynamic construction landscape. With a focus on preparing graduates for entry-level positions, our program ensures they possess the essential safety certifications and basic competencies required to contribute effectively to residential and commercial construction projects.

Career Opportunities:
Upon completion of our program, graduates unlock a myriad of career pathways within the construction industry. Armed with essential safety certifications and fundamental skills, they are poised to excel as entry-level employees on residential and commercial construction sites. With over 100,000 job vacancies projected in the construction industry between 2021 and 2030, our program equips students with the tools needed to seize these opportunities and make meaningful contributions to the field.

Program Accreditation:
We are proud to announce that our program has received approval from the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training, underscoring our commitment to delivering quality education and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Join us at the forefront of the construction industry and embark on a transformative journey towards a rewarding career. Enroll in our program today and take the first step towards realizing your potential in this thriving and essential sector.

Length of the Program:
The duration of our program spans six weeks, encompassing a total of 180 hours of comprehensive instruction and hands-on training. This condensed time frame ensures that students receive a focused and intensive educational experience, preparing them effectively for their chosen career paths within the construction and trades industry.

To ensure eligibility for our program, applicants must successfully complete an admissions interview and entrance assessments, with a minimum score of 50% in each of the following four assessment tests:

a) English Listening Assessment Test
b) English Reading Assessment Test
c) English Comprehension Assessment Test
d) Math Assessment Test

Domestic Students:
Domestic students who present a Canadian transcript demonstrating completion of English 11 or 12, or its equivalent, with a passing grade of ‘C’, will be exempt from the English Entrance Assessment. Similarly, domestic students who provide a Canadian transcript showing completion of Math 10, 11, or 12, or its equivalent, with a passing grade of ‘C’, will be exempt from the Math Entrance Assessment.

International Students:
International students can fulfill the Math Entrance Assessment requirement by presenting an equivalent credential to Canadian High School Math 10, 11, or 12, with a passing grade of ‘C’. However, the credential must undergo evaluation and verification to ensure compliance with our standards.

At our institution, we prioritize creating equitable pathways for all applicants, whether domestic or international, to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

Week 1
  • Line B- Success Strategies (Employability Skills);
    • B-1: Apply Study and Learning Skills
    • B-2: Describe Expectations and Responsibilities of Employers and Employees
    • B-3: Use Interpersonal Communication Skills
    • B-4: Describe the Apprenticeship System 
    • Review and Test
  • Line A- Use safe work practices
    • A1- Manage workplace Hazards
    • A2-Apply OHS regulations and worksafeBC Standards
    • A3- Use Fall protection systems and equipment
    • A4- Use Personal protective equipment
    • A5- Use fire safety Procedures
    • A7- Perform safety watch
    • Review and Test
Week 2
  • Line C- Use tools and equipment
    • C1- Use hand tools
    • C2 - Use power tools
    • C3- Use powder-actuated tools
    • C4- Use rigging and hoisting equipment
    • Review and Test
  • Trade Math
    • Math for Trades - Volume 1
    • Math for Trades - Volume 2
    • Review and Test
  • Electrical Fundamentals and Basic Electronics
    • E-1: Describe the basic principles of Electricity
    • E-2: Identify Common circuit components and their symbols
    • E-3: Explain wiring connections
    • E-4: Use multimeters
    • Review and Test
Week 3
  • Line D- Perform routine trade activities
    • D1- Install permanent and Temporary fencing
    • D2- Erect and dismantle hoarding/enclosures
    • D3- Perform Traffic Control
    • D4- Establish grades and elecations,
    • D5- Handle materials
    • D6- Install membranes
    • D7- Install insulating materials
    • Review and Test
  • Line E- Perform site work
    • E1 Prepare site,
    • E2- Perform ground work
    • E3 Perform Demolition
    • E4- Apply excavation and shoring practices
    • E5- Service site
    • Review and Test
Week 4
  • Line F- Use scaffolding and access equipment
    • F1- Scaffolding
    • F2- Use access equipment
    • Review and test
  • Employer Event
  • Line G: Perform Concrete work
    • G1: Form Concrete
    • G2: Place and finish concrete
    • Review
Week 5
  • Line I- Perform utilities and pipeline works
    • I1 : Install utility piping
    • Review line I
  • Line J - Perform Roadwork
    • J1: Perform Paving materials
    • Review and Test
Week 6
  • Line J: Perform Roadwork
    •  J2- Install Roadwork Component
    • Review
  • Review course content
  • Final Exam

Construction Ready Program

February 05 – April 05, 2024

Class Room No. 117

Construction Ready Program

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