Construction Site Safety Training

Electrical Safety Awareness

As more technologies enter the workplace, the risk of electrical hazards increases across all industries. This Electrical Safety and Awareness course is addressed to employees who have no prior experience of working directly with electricity and  may suffer electricity-related injuries due to human error. This training  includes:

  • Understand the difference between a conductor and an insulator.
  • Understand types of injuries electricity can cause
  • Know most common electrical hazards
  • Understand what is GFCI and the benefits
  • Understand what should be done to prevent any electrical injuries.

Personal Protective Equipment

Instructor -led PPE Course in Construction Safety Training will guide you through all aspects of PPE, from upper and lower body protection, respiratory protection, and head protection. This training is specialized training designed to keep safety of a construction worker in mind. Our comprehensive course will explain in detail what you need to know, emphasize key points and test your knowledge retention after each module. This course is required by many trades related employers . This training includes:

    • Understanding different types of PPE you will use on a construction site including safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high visibility clothing, safety footwear and safety harnesses
    • Knowing the basics to conduct hazard assessment on a construction site.
    • Know how to properly select , care for and maintain your PPE.
    • Know how to take all reasonable steps to eliminate or reduce risks while being on a construction site.


Instructor-led WHMIS course in Construction Safety Training is a Canada-wide hazard communication standard for protecting the health and safety of workers who handle hazardous chemicals. WHMIS training is a legal requirement for employees who may be exposed to hazardous materials. To ensure worker protection, employers must educate and train workers about WHMIS 2015 and provide site-specific training on the hazardous materials that are present in your workplace. This construction site safety training includes:

    • The information on both the supplier label and workplace label, and what that information means.
    • The information on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and what that information means.
    • The procedures required for safe use, handling and disposal of a hazardous product.
    • The procedure to follow if the hazardous product may be present in the air and a worker may be exposed.
    • All procedures that must be followed in an emergency that involves the hazardous product.


Confined Space Awareness

Instructor-led Confined Space Awareness course in Construction Safety Training is designed to create awareness of hazards, precautions and regulations associated with confined spaces. Occupational Health and Safety regulations require that any workers who may be required to enter a confined space be provided instruction on potential hazards, as well as the company program for entering and working in a confined space. This course provides the necessary awareness and best practices for entrants, monitoring attendants and rescue personnel. This confined Space Awareness training course includes:

    • Understand confined spaces and its types
    • Comprehend the responsibilities of the employers and workers
    • Recognizing hazards associated with permit-required confined spaces and their precautions
    • Learn about work permits, ventilation, safety equipment and industrial ovens

Hazard Recognition

Creating a culture of safety requires every employee on-site to be knowledgeable in construction safety. Awareness combined with training and practice helps construction workers identify safety risks. Construction hazard awareness training challenges employees to use and apply their knowledge of construction safety standards to locate dangerous health and safety risks and make corrections where appropriate. This safety training puts employees in control to reduce workplace hazards and meet safety requirements.

This safety training covers three important requirements for the construction industry:

Hazard recognition – training on hazard awareness and proper use of hand tools, lifting, rigging, and bull rigging, electrical safety and lockout/ tagout, environmental and industrial hygiene, confined spaces and hot work, MEPI and evacuations, dropped item prevention/protection, fall protection, scaffolding, and silica dust.

Fire prevention – training on fire prevention when using hand tools, environmental and industrial hygiene, and in confined spaces and hot work.

Housekeeping safety – training on the safety rules for electrical and lockout/ tagout, environmental and industrial hygiene, and dropped item prevention/protection.

Fall Prevention

Instructor-led Fall Prevention course in Construction safety site training is very important when it comes to the  a major contributor to injury in the workplace. This course is designed for health and safety professionals, supervisors and workers. It describes the various types of fall hazards, explains the physical impact of falls from heights, and the likelihood of serious injury or death. Included are workplace strategies for preventing falls from ladders, scaffolds, buildings, and platforms. This  construction site safety training course includes:

    • Recognizing and minimizing stairway and ladder hazards
    • Proper construction and use of stairways and ladders
    • Stairway and ladder placement and care
    • Maximum loads
    • Stairway and ladder requirements and regulations

Occupational First Aid Level 1

Occupational First Aid Level 1 course is designed to teach you how to respond to the most common and most life-threatening workplace first aid emergencies, including CPR, bleeding, shock, and sudden medical emergencies. We are the midst of getting WorkSafeBC’s authorization to teach the Occupational First Aid Level 1 program and currently contract out this training with various training partners who are already approved by WorksafeBC to teach this program,

This is a hands-on course with knowledgeable and friendly instructors, and is an excellent addition to anyone’s resume.


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