Programmable Logic Controllers Technician Program

Programmable Logic Controller program is developed in consultation with industry experts and is geared to youth and adults who have an interest in working in automation industry.
PLCs have become an essential device for automating manufacturing processes. Programmable logic controllers are used in various applications in industries such as the automobile industry, steel industry, energy sector, and chemical industry, among others. PLC is an electronic device used to monitor, control, and manage building systems, production processes, and power in industrial control systems. Programmable logic controller are designed to extremely robust, often capable of withstanding extreme vibration, humidity, temperatures, and electrical noise to meet the demand for harsh industrial environments.

The future of BC’s automation industry looks bright. Students will be prepared for entry-level jobs in desgining, building and implementing real-time operational solutions where demand is high and earning potential is good. Programmable logic controller employers will gain highly trained and experienced workforce which supports in strengthening British Columbia’s economy.

Automation has been increasing for decades, especially in sectors like manufacturing, but in the future years, more advanced robotic and algorithmic systems are likely to speed up the process. The report found that at least one-third of activities in 60% of fields are susceptible to automation, even though less than 5% of occupations are at risk of being fully automated. This means that major workplace changes are inevitable in the majority of businesses, even if workers aren’t being completely replaced.

Successful graduates of this program may also explore opportunities to pursue further development in becoming a programmable logic controller technician or other related areas in process and control automation sector. The most essential ingredient is a trained workforce that can perform the tasks necessary to install, commission, repair, and maintain the particular equipment associated with the technology involved.This program appeals to learners who enjoy change and adapting to new technology and want to seize the opportunity to take positive action to ensure an improved future environment.

This program emphasizes hands-on, practical training, using equipment typically encountered in the automation and manufacturing industry in ACE Community College 3200 sq feet workshop totally focused on industry practice.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will be able to work in entry-level positions in process control, PLC programming, maintaining automated systems, component testing, quality control and system integration. They will have essential safety certifications and skills training to start their career in industrial automation sector as technician that will allow them to contribute in various projects.

Lenghth of Program

This program is 6 weeks long(180 hours total).

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students will receive a Recognition of Achievement (RoA).

  • Applicants must successfully complete the admissions interview and entrance assessments with a minimum score of 50% in the English Assessment and a minimum score of 50% in the Math Assessment

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Programable Logic Controllers Technician Program

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Programmable Logic Controller Technician Program

Programmable logic controller Technician Program Student Contract Form

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